Principle Investigator

Seth L. Robia, Ph.D.

708-216-2522 (Office)
B.A. Biology, Chemistry, St. Olaf College
M.S., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Seth joined the faculty in the Department of Cell and Molecular Physiology at Loyola University Chicago's Stritch School of Medicine in 2006.  He teaches a range of subjects for medical and graduate students including Biochemistry (lipid metabolism, enzyme kinetics) Cell Biology (cell cycle, apoptosis), Biophysics (membrane transport, imaging for drug discovery), and Physiology (reproduction).  

Staff Scientist

Deo Singh, Ph.D.

Lab Technicians

Ellen Cho

B.S. Biochemistry, University of Illinois

Since 2016 Ellen has worked hard to maintain all of the cell cultures in the Robia Lab which are so crucial to the day-to-day experiments.  She also spends time on micropeptide interactions with SERCA, a key research aim of the lab. 

Michael Dalton

Marsha Pribadi

Undergraduate Researcher

Garrett Hauck

Robia Lab Alumni

Former TraineesRoleDatesCurrent Position
Eileen M. KellyTechnician7/06 – 1/09Accountant, Cosco
Zhihong HuTechnician6/08 – 9/10Medical Resident, Loyola
Sebastian MestrilUndergrad Res.6/10 – 8/10Grad Student, UNC Chapel Hill
Zachary JonesUndergrad Res.6/10 – 8/10Special Education teacher
Paul HaleResearch Assistant6/10 – 10/10Law School
Qiujing SongPostdoc6/08 – 6/11Dentist, Lisle, IL
Eric DeGuevaraHigh School Res.6/11 – 8-11Undergrad, Univ. Il. Urbana-Champaign
Edgar GonzalesHigh School Res.12/11 – 5/12College Student
Philip BidwellGrad student (PhD)6/08 – 4/12postdoc, Univ. Cincinnati, (E. Kranias)
Sandeep PallikkuthPostdoc1/10 – 5/12Imaging Facility Director, U. Tennessee
Dane ZiemanUndergrad6/10 – 9/12Engineer, Thermo-Fisher Scientific
Christian EspinoHigh School Res.10/12 – 5/13Undergrad, St. Mary’s Univ., MN
Chris Stefonowicz Technician6/12 – 7/13Med student, Stritch School of Medicine
Alex TichoTechnician2/12 – 6/13MD/PhD student, Univ. IL, Chicago
Aimee BuenoHigh School Res.6/13– 8/14Undergrad, Univ. IL, Chicago
Michael SobierajPostbac student7/13 – 9/13MD student
Marsha PribadiTechnician8/13 – 6/14Property Consultant, Jakarta, Indonesia
Surtaj IramPostdoc9/12 – 9/14Assistant Professor, South Dakota State
Juan OrozcoHigh School Res.6/14 – 8/14Undergrad, DePaul University
Berenis CallerosHigh School Res.6/14 – 8/14High School Student
Neha AbrolGrad student (PhD)6/11 – 10/14Postdoc, Johns Hopkins, (M. Anderson)
Zhanjia Hou, PhDResearch Asst. Prof.2/07 – 5/15Medical Physicist, Mobile, AL
Ryan HimesGrad student (PhD)6/11 – 7/15Asst. Professor, Olivet Nazarene Univ.
Vidhya SivakumaranPostdoc12/13 – 8/15    Chief Scientific Officer, Kids Science Labs
Daniel J. BlackwellGrad student (PhD)6/11 – 7/16 Postdoc, Vanderbilt, (B. Knollman)
Taylor ZakMD/PhD student7/13 – 7-17MD/PhD program, Loyola
John WolfMD student5/17-7/17MD student, Creighton
Nikolai SmolinStaff Scientist7/12 – 11/17Senior Data Scientist, Commerce Signals
Olga RaguimovaGrad Student (PhD)6/14 – 6/18Senior Scientist, Abbott Labs
Garrett HauckUndergraduate Res6/18 – 8/18Undergrad, The Ohio State Univ.

Please help us keep this info up to date! If you have additions/corrections, please email Seth.

Daniel Blackwell, Ph.D.

John Wolf

Taylor Zak, Ph.D.

Olga Raguimova, Ph.D.

Nikolai Smolin, Ph.D.